“Shadow! Shadow!” He runs up to him with the urge to touch him, but realizing that might not be the best idea and holds him with his mind instead. “A-are you…oh no, what’s wrong?” His voice is a bit shrill, and he has to swallow and take a breath before it comes down at all. “W-wh-what can I do?”

The black hedgehog allows the younger’s psychokinesis to aid him in standing up, and so he does with his arms wrapped tightly around his stomach. He gives Silver a small smirk; even though it’s clear he’s still in pain, he keeps his head raised as much as possible and gives a bit of a sniff, as if this is nothing. “Just some stomach puh-pain,” Shadow replies honestly, breaking out into coughing before he continues. “Mmn… I’ll be…” Fine isn’t necessarily the word, but, “I’ll live through it.”


*Shadow cringed a bit, wings moving oddly on his back and ears starting to flip back. Dear Chaos….Shadow started to reach for his bag. Maybe he had extra water in there….*

Yeah, the mercy of chaos…..
Want some water?

*yup, there was an extra canteen in there. Good thing he took that with him today…*

Shadow wouldn’t pass up the opportunity at drinking water, no matter how thirsty he was.

"That would be appreciated. Are you my maid?"

His voice was light and teasing. At least the physical pain didn’t warp his personality any.


“How dangerous.” Shadow chuckled.

*Shadow just gave his alternate a blank look, not wanting to touch on the subject even more.*

Good to see you haven’t dropped dead yet. Last time you were hacking up blood.

Shadow raised an eye ridge and gave his winged alternate a toothy grin, one that was still rather…well, bloody.

"By some miracle I’m still around. You haven’t gotten rid of me yet, other me."

Getting worse I see.

"Oh! It’s been a while. I’ve missed you," Shadow chirped, nearly breaking off into coughs. Strangely enough, there seemed to be no sarcastic note to what he was saying; he seemed genuinely happy to see the other Shadow again. "I am simply… in a rough spot for now, hmm?"

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Sonic’s ears perked and he looked up. It took him a second, but he gave the new Shadow a tired smile. “Hi, Shadow,” he greeted, “Nice to meet you.” No matter how many Shadow’s Sonic met he always seemed happy to meet more. 

"I would return the sentimehhh— sentiments," cut himself off with a cough, but Shadow continued valiantly, "but ‘m feeling a little out of sorts, and by a little I really mean I’m about to retch. But I hope this does not deter you. I know it can be un— unattractive.” He gave him a toothy (and bloody) grin.


Another I see… I’ve only ran into one other myself. 

Though it seems as if my counterparts have a hard time keeping care of themselves.

-raising his brow the other’s smirk and returns it with one of his own-

What’s got you down, eh?

"O-oh, the apocalypse. Nothing too large, though. Wouldn’t want to sound… whiny, now would we?”

Shadow gave his other self a wink as he wiped his lips.

"Some of us can be really efficient, yuh-you see. But some of us are downright failures.”

He shrugged weakly.

"I’m one of the latter camp, unfortunately. B-but apparently I’m entertaining enough others stay around.”


-And Silver was thinking he could just sit alone in this timeline and think for a while.

He approached the other with caution, knowing this wasn’t exactly his place, but he couldn’t sit back and watch someone in pain.-

Are you alright… ?

Shadow was in writhing agony, honestly.

Though the sight of the younger hedgehog seemed to brighten him up a little. He heaved himself to a sitting position, arm wrapped around his stomach, chest moving rapidly as he managed to rasp in response, “Other than writhing agony, I’m absolutely fantastic, th-thank you for asking…” He gave Silver a wink. Even when he was like this, he was able pull lightness.

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"Is that the… the…

"Thirteenth now?

"You’ve come at an inopportune time… W-well, unless you want me to spit blood all over you…"

Totally giving his human alternate a smirk. With bloody teeth.



It’s so weird to think that he’s usually so rough all the time, when he’s like this. He can be so soft, and…I think he saves a lot of it just for me. That’s nice. “I can be tough when I want to.” His own voice had gone soft in response to Shadow’s, his feet shifting so he could be closer. “And no, no, of course not! I mean, the only thing that happens when you do that, is that I can’t think of what I wanna say, and my ears turn all red, and, ah, and so does my face. Sometimes I can’t even babble, I just…ah…” He swallowed, meeting his eyes. “I really like it.”

He giggled a little again. “I, I really like you too, and…ah, yeah.”

Shadow’s chest swelled listening to Silver continue to speak of him, fumbling over his words. He couldn’t help it; the younger hedgehog simply made him downright love struck. “The feelings are mutual,” he mumbled, his fingers lowering down from the other’s sides and clasping onto his hands, fingers interweaving before they decided to simply dance upon his palms. “I think about you often.” He allowed his own gaze to lock with Silver’s, eyes burning brightly with the influence of his unconditional affection for him.

Those eyes shifted when something seemed to occur to him, however, and he scanned over his body. “You are…all right, yes?” The question was merely breathed, as if he couldn’t break the delicate atmosphere that seemed to hang over them both.